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Infusing Skin + Spirit with Holistic Skin Treatments

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Our Signature Facial

Uplift your skin with our Signature Facial. It is our complete reviving customized facial! Each plant-based, vitamin and mineral rich plant infused product is specifically chosen for your skin type and specific needs to achieve maximum results.

All Skin Types

Crystal Facial

In this full sensory facial we use gua sha + hemp + sound therapy + skin healing crystal grid, after a saging ritual. All are used for their amazing benefits, including, but not limited to: harmonizing the mind, body and soul, firming and toning the skin, hydration, relieving muscle tension, increase blood flow & circulation, reduce under eye baggage and dark circles, blemish and acne recovery, wrinkle prevention, smooths existing lines, lifts and plumps, as well as better product penetration.

All Skin Types

Back Treatment

The Back Treatment will have you stuck not “In da-couch” but, stuck “In da-table” after you experience this relaxing, result driven back facial.

All Skin Types

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Y'all I can't begin to explain the bliss I experienced. I felt like she took 10 years off of me and at the end of everything I just wanted to stay snuggled under that blanket while the storm literally raged outside.

Tashia S.

WOW. The atmosphere, experience, relaxation, and results are totally worth it! I got the MicroCanna Dermabrasion facial and it was much needed!

Colby H.